Austen Barker

      Computer Science Ph.D


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Ph.D. Computer Science, 2022, UCSC
M.S. Computer Science, 2018, UCSC
B.S. Computer Science, 2017, UCSC

Steganographic, deniable, and secure storage systems (Artifice).

Kernel development, security, cryptography, operating systems, and breaking things.

Email: atbarker at
austenbarker at
Office: Engineering 2 383

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Curriculum Vitae

I am a computer science Ph.D finishing my studies under my advisor Professor Darrell Long and work in the Storage Systems Research Center at UC Santa Cruz. My research is primarily in the development of a deniable steganographic storage system (Artifice) but also branches into secure file systems and network based covert timing channels (Vinz Clortho) and secure deletion (Lethe).

Outside of research I also enjoy vintage computing, old volvos, fishing, backpacking, and getting caught up in niche hobbies and DIY projects.